Love yourself at every stage of life. Beauty starts from within.


FOUR THIRTY-TWO is an organization geared towards building the confidence of plus size women through the art of dance and performance. It consists of classes and tutorials, and the 4Thirty-Two Performance Team. The 4Thirty-Two performance group consist of full figured dancers, and together we perform at live events and release videos meant to inspire plus size women all over the world. We share a common love for dance, choreography and performance. We understand the stereotypes that come along with our body, but we are not afraid to redefine them.



Sometimes people let themselves get in the way of living out their passions due to negative emotions such as fear, doubt and insecurity. Negative emotions are a part of life, but it's up to us to determine how they affect us. We live out our passion for dance because it's a part of our being.



We live in world where plus-size beauty is not always celebrated.  Yes, we have made strides in the last 10 years, but there is still under-representation of plus-size women in the beauty and entertainment world. We are not lazy. We can move. We can shake. We are beautiful. We are talented. And we are just getting started. 



We are a support system for one another. Why? Because all women need support, including the plus-size women. Sometimes being plus-size is not easy. Some may feel overlooked, rejected, disappointed or other negative emotions. We are about positivity and finding the inner sunshine that gives us our power.



Just because we celebrate our bodies does not mean we are against health and fitness. We are dancers so we understand that we have to be fit. Dance is a physical activity that requires great energy. But fit does not mean skinny. Everyone has their own fitness level, and it is our goal to become and remain healthy in order to live out our passions. Whether we are 250+ lbs or 150+ lbs we SLAY.